Hallack Law, PLLC is a Seattle-based family law firm known for its adept and personalized handling of child custody cases, dissolution of marriage, pre and post-nuptial agreements, adoption, and a multitude of other family law matters. Jen Hallack has a long history of success in family law, having made a name for herself with the King County Bar Association Family Law Mentor Program, the Law Office of David G. Kontos, and as a founding member of Contos & Hallack, PLLC. Today, she serves a variety of clients through Hallack Law, PLLC, which is one of the Seattle area’s most respected family law firms.

Practice Areas: Hallack Law, PLLC

Jen Hallack primarily handles family law matters. Many of her clients approach Hallack Law, PLLC in hopes of obtaining guidance through the complexities of the divorce process. While working with clients in the midst of divorce, Jen Hallack handles matters involving division of property, child custody, and child support. She is also willing to work with those pursuing legal separations. In the aftermath of divorce or legal separation, some clients may require child support or maintenance modifications; in such circumstances, Jen Hallack can help these clients prove that they deserve to have prior arrangements modified.

Although much of Jen Hallack’s work as a family law attorney involves divorce and separation, she also assists clients with a wide array of other legal matters. Many clients approach her in hopes of completing pre and post-nuptial agreements. Others require her assistance as they attempt to navigate the confusing adoption process. All are treated to the same respectful candor and sense of compassion, both of which set Hallack Law, PLLC apart.

Hallack Law, PLLC: A Reliable Resource For Family Law Services

Whether you wish to sign a prenuptial agreement or are in the midst of ending your marriage, you can count on Hallack Law, PLLC to guide you through complicated family law matters. Jen Hallack boasts an excellent reputation in and around Seattle, with many satisfied clients recommending her to their friends and family members — and vowing to return if they face future legal issues. Clients appreciate Jen Hallack’s willingness to listen and react to client concerns and questions, and her thorough understanding of the local family law system. Fellow attorneys also have endorsed Jen Hallack as a knowledgeable and caring family attorney. No matter the nature of your current family law concerns, you can rest assured, knowing that your case will be in the best of hands when you turn to Hallack Law, PLLC.