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Alimony & Maintenance

Alimony Law in Seattle, WA

When you're in the midst of divorce proceedings, your ex-spouse may want you to make alimony payments. At my practice, Hallack Law, I believe that no one should have to pay more than they feel to be fair. That's why I practice alimony law on behalf of my valued clients in Seattle and the surrounding areas. I'll work hard to ensure that the payments you've been ordered to make are reduced or that your spouse's request for alimony is denied entirely.

Hold on to Your Assets

At our first meeting, I'll sit down with you so we can discuss your situation at length. If your spouse is capable of providing the necessities of life for themselves or is asking for far more than is reasonable, you may have a strong argument in court. When you choose to work with me, you'll benefit from my attention to detail, extensive understanding of the legal system, and genuine enthusiasm in everything I do.

Enforce or Modify an Existing Order

If you need assistance with an alimony law case in Seattle, WA, my practice, Hallack Law, is here to help. Call me today to schedule a consultation.

When a family’s situation changes after a divorce or legal separation, child custody and support are just two of many arrangements that may require adjustment. Spousal support obligations may also be adjusted. particularly if the spouse making the payments experiences unemployment, significant medical bills, or other forms of financial hardship.

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