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I knew nothing about the divorce process coming into Jenni’s office (most people probably don’t). I found Jenni to be extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to/work with. She listened to my needs and concerns and helped me mold a parenting and support plan that I felt comfortable with. Thanks to Jenni the entire process was much less painful than I expected!

- Lara (5 star review)


Jen Hallack has been our family’s lawyer for almost 5 years. She has not only become our lawyer, but she has become a part of our family as well. I truly believe Jen has fought for our family just as hard as she would have fought for her very own. She has an in-depth knowledge of the family’s court system, custody laws, establishing Parenting Plans and child support. Jen keeps it real, does not sugar coat things, but keeps the faith and hope in difficult times. We have been in court several times this summer and every time we walked away with the decisions in our favor. Jen Hallack has been a true God-send in helping to keep our family together.

- Shannon (5 star review)


Jenni Hallack was hired by me 3 times in the past. Each and every case was ruled in my favor. She is a fair and competent Attorney. Her legal fees are outstanding.


First I consulted with Jenni and then I hired her to help me with a troublesome parenting plan. She was very informative, honest, and easy to work with. She is also very accessible and organized. I recommend her to anyone I know that needs a Family Law attorney

- Olivia (5 star review)


I’ve been a client of Jen’s for several years now, and have been represented by her twice – once during a custody dispute, and again during a child support dispute.

In both cases, I felt completely at ease with the either likely outcome as Jen handled each case with such a level of personal attention, and a sharp grasp of the matters at hand, that my anxiety and fears quickly gave way to the feeling that I truly had someone on my side who legitimately cared about the outcome.

Furthermore, in both cases, Jen’s tenacity, legal savvy, and sincere concern over the outcome led to her snatching key victories from the jaws of defeat. From ensuring my children would be anchored to me via school district assignment to quietly securing favorable tax status, I feel immensely grateful to have had Jen advocating for me and my family.

As a single father of three, I won’t step foot into another family court without Ms. Hallack representing me.

- Aaron (5 star review)