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Child Custody & Support Attorney in Seattle, Washington

Child Custody Attorney in Seattle, WA

Anyone in the Greater Seattle area requiring assistance related to child custody law can turn to me and my practice, Hallack Law. It's my goal to meet all of my clients' needs. When you look to me for help, I'll be considerate of any concerns or requests that you may have, and I'll do whatever I can to ease your worries.

I aim to be efficient as I serve my clients. I'm mindful of deadlines and court dates that I need to prepare for, and I'll try to keep things moving forward. My areas of practice include:

  • Family law

  • Adoption law

  • Alimony law

  • Divorce law

Contact me at the Hallack Law firm to set up a time to meet. When we sit down together, I can review the aspects of child custody law that may affect your case, and I can begin to develop a plan for you. I'm located in Seattle, WA, and I'm available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, and on weekends, by appointment.

Child Support Law in Seattle, WA

If you've been searching for an attorney in Seattle, WA, who practices child support law, you can reach out to me at Hallack Law. I've been representing clients for over 10 years, and I offer my services to anyone in the area.

Your Personal Resource

As your lawyer, I'll be available to answer any of your questions. I hope to be able to educate you about your options, and I can advise you as to what scenarios may come into play as you deal with matters related to your children. If there are certain actions that may potentially put you in a better position, I'll be sure to let you know about them. It'll be my goal to give you a favorable result.

Call me at Hallack Law if you'd like to discuss my child support law services. My firm is based in Seattle, and I'm proud to be able to assist families in my local community.

Seek a Fair Arrangement

Child Custody & Support Matters

Child custody and support are two of the most contentious issues related to divorce. Jen Hallack helps her clients develop custody and support arrangements that work for the parents, but also prioritize the child’s best interests. Jen’s experience in the area allows her to offer advice and suggestions that get parents past the gridlock and disagreements. These arrangements are often created in a cooperative manner, but if litigation is required, Hallack Law can provide the aggressive representation needed to achieve a favorable outcome.

Custody & Child Support Modifications

Changing circumstances regarding work, expenses, or parenting abilities may require parents to consider changes to their current child custody and support arrangements. In many cases, parents fail to agree on the terms of these modifications, and the assistance of a family lawyer is needed. Jen has extensive experience advising clients on how to pursue the changes they need, and whether they can expect a favorable outcome if litigation is necessary.

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