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Divorce Attorney in Seattle, Washington

Should you wish to conduct a consultation with a divorce attorney, you can ask for a free initial session at my office, Hallack Law, in Seattle, WA. People seek my local representation because I offer flexible appointment options and personal attention in each case. You can also ask me about the many family law issues that can come up during a divorce, including child custody issues, claims for alimony or child support, and disputes over the rights of mothers and fathers.

I’m the first choice of numerous clients because I offer flexible appointment scheduling and competitive rates. My practice is part of the King County Bar Association, and my advice is based on 10 years of practicing law in this state.

Protecting Your Interests

When you need to hire a divorce attorney, you can get in contact with me at Hallack Law. I take pride in defending the rights of people who live in the Seattle area. You can pay me a visit during my standard weekday hours or on the weekend, by appointment, so give me a call today to schedule a meeting.

From adoption to divorce and everything in between, an array of important family law matters are handled by Hallack Law, PLLC. Regardless of your current legal concerns, you can depend on Jen Hallack to provide the high-quality counsel and representation you desire.

Pursue a Favorable Outcome

Even the most harmonious of couples may find themselves pursuing a divorce. This process is always painful, but with Jen Hallack’s assistance, it can at least be completed in a cooperative, peaceful manner. Hallack Law, PLLC handles all aspects of marriage dissolution, including spousal support, child support, custody, visitation, and division of property.

Qualified Domestic Relationship Orders

Qualified domestic relationship orders (QDROs) allow spouses or ex-spouses to collect money from retirement accounts. This type of domestic relationship order is a necessity when a portion of a spouse’s retirement account or pension plan is awarded to the other spouse in a divorce.